Jordyn Cooper Teets (born May 5, 1993) is an American musician from Tacoma, WA. Best known for his grungy Motown and southern blues, hes said to have Chris Cornell’s vocal grit and the swampy guitar style of John Lee Hooker.

Originally born and raised in Wrightsville, PA, Cooper moved to Seattle, WA at 8 years old. Once in middle school, he began playing trumpet, baritone and tuba, developing a love for music. Advanced for his age group, Jordyn was moved up to 7th grade jazz band at the start of 5th grade. By the time he was 14 years old, he traded in his trumpt for an electric guitar and developed an affinity for soul, rock and blues; inspiring him to start alternative indie bands such as Vellecry and Trees Undying. After graduating highschool, Jordyn moved to Ocala, Florida in 2012.

There he started booking shows with newly formed pop group, Giant Impact. After the band broke up in mid 2014, the 21 year old began performing under the name “Jordyn Cooper,” adopting his middle name on the stage. Inspired by the local sound, he began to fuse southern blues and feel good soul into his original work. Six months later Jordyn was accepted with into the Burklee College of Music but declined attendance in order to focus on recording his first demo with Big Break Music.

By 2015 he had moved back to Washington State with a newfound confidence and a cutting edge sound that blends thought-provoking Philly soul with the haunting and reflective sounds of a traditional southern blues. In October of 2018 Jordyn plans to release his new EP, Moral Compass, and can be found playing at popular music venues around Seattle and Tacoma.




Make Me Feel EP

by Jordyn Cooper

Nodoby's Fault But Mine

09.05.2016 / Live in Sumner, WA


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